Translating the Future Into a Strategic Roadmap

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“If you plan to hear Ben speak, button your jacket, hold on to your belongings and prepare for a great ride!

It’s always a thrill to have a speaker who actually knows his material and can explain it in simple terms….or get as detailed as you wish….Add to that incredible set of knowledge his natural enthusiasm and genuine interest in meeting others to learn their challenges or answer their questions, and it’s little wonder that he is invited to speak all over the world. Ben rocks your world, if only for one day/event…but he’s worth the investment of resources!”

  – Susan

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About Ben

Ben Smithee helps business leaders translate the future into a strategic roadmap they can start implementing today. He has been a featured speaker around the world across 6 continents and almost 30 countries. Ben has been a sought-after consultant for leading brands including McDonald’s, EA Games, Cox Automotive, Serena Williams, General Mills, ebay, Chase, Popeyes, Disney, Salesforce, and 100’s of startups and retailers. 

Benjamin Smithee

Ben is the CEO of The Smithee Group (TSG), a Digital Growth Agency that offers a full suite of digital marketing and media solutions that leverages their extensive expertise in research, consumer insights, and data analytics. 

He has founded 3 successful startups, and in addition to TSG he helps lead AltFund, an innovative Fund of Funds in the Crypto space, and Enterprise Stewardship, a transformational leadership and business operating system for Christian business leaders. 

Ben lives in Dallas, TX with his wife and daughter and when he is not in the business and non-profit worlds, you can find Ben on the track racing cars, on the mountain snowboarding, or on the links playing golf. His family attends Shoreline City church. 

Most commonly, people ask Ben to speak about:

  • Digital Marketing and Advertising
  • Launching Startups – From Idea to Your First Million
  • The Future Consumer
  • Brand Development
  • Christian/Faith-based Entrepreneurship



“Ben is one of the thought leaders of our age in the digital and social media space….he’s is engaging, mind-blowing and has empathy for those of us who are in the middle of the societal shift. I highly recommend him for consulting as well as speaking on stage during one of the general sessions.” – Jerry

I spend my days (and nights) helping businesses grow and evolve. Sometimes it is a startup or small business that does not currently have the resources or expertise needed to keep up with today’s continuously evolving marketing environment. Other times it is helping brands such as McDonald’s, General Mills, Sterling Jewelers, The ACS, Comcast, and other iconic companies.

The irony is that it is often helping the smaller brands “think big,” and the bigger brands “think small.” But, regardless of the size, industry, or project scope, people hire my company to help them create better marketing strategies to not only build “buzz” but, measurable business growth.



“Ben is one of the new breed of market researchers, yet his style and approach is that of a long-time practitioner. Ben is committed and thorough, while approaching his work with energy and enthusiasm. He knows his markets and can deliver on his promises.” – Paul

We have the opportunity to be closer to and know more about consumers than ever before. We were some of the first to utilize social media for marketing research, and The Smithee Group develops innovative insights & intelligence solutions for some of the biggest brands in the world. It is our insatiable curiosity paired with the knowledge of today’s new capabilities and strategic needs businesses require for success, that makes our firm a trusted choice for companies around the world.

We know traditional research methods are often effective, but we also know there is a myriad of technology, new methods and other innovative solutions that offer additional value for your needs. Ultimately, working with our team at TSG is the difference between guessing, and actually knowing.